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Good news or bad? (The Public Phone Booth Number - Part 4)

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories (The photographs and pics are downloaded from the internet and I do not have ANY intellectual property right over them). They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

I felt accomplished and very very scared. As though something really bad is about to happen.... I try to shake it off and decide to stop at Jin’s for a chat. My bad! Jin was out shopping with his wife! I didn’t want to drink.... I drove back home.

An eerie silence greeted me at home. It’s only 6 though! Minnie doesn’t reach home until 8.... I needed a distraction....

Okay, let’s surprise Minnie with her favourite lasagna! As I chopped the veggies and prepped the mince, humming to my favourite song playing on the radio, my phone rang.

Me- Hello!

The voice at the other end wasn’t very clear,” Hello! I’m Minnie’s office colleague Leena. Are you Minnie’s husband?”

My hands stopped and so did my heart!

Me- Yes..... Is Minnie ok?

Leena- Actually, Minnie fainted.... The doctor wants to speak to you.

Me- Ok.... Hello Doctor. Is my wife okay?

Doctor- She is fine, don’t worry. There’s good news and bad....

Me- Tell me the bad news first.....

Doctor- She fainted due to stress, is anaemic and has low bp! She has to stay here till she is strong enough....

I heaved a sigh of relief!

Me- And the good news?

Doctor- She is 2 weeks pregnant. Congratulations!

Me- What???? I’ll be there in 10! Errr... Which hospital?

I switched off the oven, locked the door and dashed out with my keys. I drove like a maniac! Luckily the hospital was close by. I parked the car and literally ran up all the 4 floors because I had no patience to wait for the lift! As I reached the room and saw a big crowd around Minnie, I stopped at the door and watched her smiling and talking....

I couldn’t believe it! I’m going to be a father!!!!

Someone tapped my shoulder. It was the doctor.

Doctor- Mr Jeon?

Me- Yes. Is she okay to go home? I can’t leave her here! Please...

Doctor- Mr Jeon, I’m a big fan of yours! I know you are extremely excited about the pregnancy, but believe me, she is safer here.... Are you confident enough to look after her? She can’t take any stress at all..... It can harm the baby....

Me- In that case, I will take your advice.... Excuse me, I must see her....

The doctor smiled and patted my shoulder as I walked back to the room. Finally she was alone! Well, almost!

Me- Hi babe!

Minnie( shyly)- Hi!

Leena- Minnie you’re blushing! Omg! Really, you two are such lovebirds! Congratulations!!! Now that you are here, I can leave....

Me- Thank you so much for calling me and taking care of Minnie.

Leena- The pleasure is all mine! I couldn’t let the opportunity to meet the handsome Mr Jeon go by! See you guys later!

Finally!!!! I hugged a shy, blushing Minnie in my arms as she said,” Jeon, are you happy?”

Me- Of course darling! I’m on cloud nine!Are you alright? You scared me, you know..... Doctor says you have to stay here for 2-3 days. Did you tell your parents?

After speaking to Minnie’s parents, Liam and Ira, I ensured Minnie ate some dinner. As the visiting hours were over, I kissed her and drove back home. I was so happy! Euphoric!

(To be continued....)

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