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Fact or fiction?

Ever since I started this blog, I have written a lot about my past, my present, my thoughts and feelings.... Nothing has been 'created' or 'edited'. It's just me and my life- raw and real, literally like an open book! My cocooned childhood, my fairly insecure adolescence and pretty stable adulthood- it's been a nostalgic journey that I embarked on with each one of you. I love writing and I also love reading. I write facts but I mostly read fiction rather than autobiographies or 'real' stories. I have great admiration for authors who can write fiction! Because I know how difficult it is to imagine and create a scenario or characters that ' have no resemblance to any real person or incident'! Like a magician who conjures a white pigeon out of thin air or pulls out a live rabbit from his empty hat, the author casts his spell on us! We are in a world of make believe, of imagination so vivid that we think it's real. The imagery created by the lucidity of the author's words transports us to a fictional paradise which we don't want to leave. It's like an escape route, a magical portal, a wormhole to an alternate universe where everything we think of, dream of , comes true! When I have to choose a book to read, I generally gravitate towards fiction rooted in reality. The scenario isn't entirely imaginary and there's always a possibility of it happening sometime. The characters aren't exactly 'out of the world' but definitely quirky and unique..... It's kind of exciting and interesting!! I believe that every individual, every living creature has its own distinct quality and identity which is beautifully brought out by the authors. Spy thrillers, medical thrillers, murder mysteries, legal thrillers, courtroom dramas, historical thrillers - this is also what I really enjoy reading! And I absolutely live for cliffhangers- the suspense, the excitement, the thrill of a well woven whodunnit is simply indescribable in words! I'm definitely one of those who has little or no imagination when it comes to writing and that's why all my blogs are rooted in reality. What I see, what I hear, what I feel and believe, what I experience is what I end up writing about! For now, being able to share my experiences, thoughts and feelings with a lot of people, who seem to relate to and resonate with my writings, means a lot to me. It seems my words have brought comfort and solace to some.... My positivity and optimism made someone's day brighter and happier..... What more can I ask for! I'm so grateful to each and every person who finds time out from his/ her busy schedule to read my blogs.... I'm thankful to God for all that I am.... I'm indebted to my parents, family and friends who have always motivated me and continue to do so.... Many a times I have been asked why don't I try my hand at fiction, inspired by real people or incidents. Well, believe me, I tried that.... I really tried it but I found myself at the other extreme- fiction which is completely and outrageously imaginary which would definitely be more suitable for children than adults! Makes me sure my inner child is very much alive and kicking!😛 Did I tell you I also believe in magic and fairy tales? Harry Potter series is one of my all time favourites! As for Enid Blyton's Wishing Chair and the Faraway Tree, I am sure those wonderful magical places and people exist somewhere! I grew up reading fairy tales and I enjoy watching all the book to movie adaptations of children's books💜 Who knows I might just expand my horizons someday as I spread my imaginary wings on my maiden flight of fancy!!!! Till then, watch this space.

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