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Candy-floss Whirlwind

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories. They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

He woke up to the sound of raindrops on the window. As he looked outside, everything looked green and clean. The rain had washed away all the dust and grime. He sat up and looked at the time. It was wonderful to wake up without the alarm, for a change! He picked up his phone and checked for messages. None. This is sheer bliss! He had landed late last night. Taking the evening flight was a good idea. The hotel had arranged for his transport and he had a chauffeured Benz at his disposal. Being rich and famous has its advantages! His usual suite had been booked and prepared exactly the way he likes it. This is his second home. He owns the place after all! Coming here is always rejuvenating. Every few days when city life tires him out, he heads towards this place. Like a magnet it pulls him. He watched mesmerised as the mist was rolling in, spreading its white wings. Beautiful weather! The rain had stopped but it was bound to be wet and cold outside. Refreshing change from city life! He still remembered spending his vacation here with his Grandmother. Being in a boarding school for most of his childhood years, he loved it when Grandma indulged him with a fun filled holiday where he was just free to be himself. Boarding school environment was strict and Grandma would ask him what he wanted to do in the vacations. Sometimes they would travel to some place where Grandma had work or they would just spend time at home doing absolutely nothing! The latter was actually his idea of a good holiday! Wake up late, eat when you want, read books, watch movies, bond with nature and make music. This is where he was inspired to be a musician, a singer.... This is where all his beautiful memories were.

When Grandma passed away, he had already taken over the business. He converted the huge colonial structure into a heritage hotel and kept only his grandma's room to himself. With minimal changes the rest was open to business. Now his childhood friend looks after the hotel while he is mostly based in the city because of his profession as a singer. He thought about his beachside mansion with all the comforts a big city had to offer. He probably just missed the beach, nothing else! The mansion never felt like a home.... It was huge, modern, comfortable and classy but it was just a building. It wasn't home. He was a bachelor, the most eligible one around but he had only one love- music. Being a global superstar had its pros and cons! He couldn't even breathe without making it to the tabloids! Rumours of his love life were a source of both amusement and annoyance to him as he had no romantic interest in anyone as yet. His heart longed for someone but he hadn't met that person yet.... Sometimes he would wonder if he was probably gay! His music stirred the emotions of his listeners because it was soulful, romantic, melancholic... There was a sincerity and sadness in his voice which made people feel every emotion in the song. He could make them laugh or cry with his songs. The mist was clearing up and he thought of going out for a walk. Dressed in a black waterproof tracksuit and black wellingtons, a big black umbrella in his hand and a waterproof cap, he went out, ordering a large breakfast in the lawns overlooking the snow capped mountains at a distance. He knew his way around and should be back in an hour's time. Walking along the narrow track, he enjoyed the cool weather, looking around. A cyclist sped by and before he knew the cycle skid and the cyclist fell down. He rushed to help. Definitely a tourist! He was right. As he helped the cyclist stand up, the helmet came off revealing a head of pink hair! (Like candy floss!)

The cyclist looked up at him and thanked him with a smile that brightened up everything around him. She was barely 5 feet tall, with twinkling black eyes and a 1000 watt smile that hit him like a tsunami! He: Are you alright? Not hurt anywhere I hope! She: No, I'm fine. Thank you for helping me out. He: Where are you staying? I could drop you off. She: The Pine. You? He: Same here. Let's show you to the hotel nurse. Your knees and elbows are scraped badly. She: Oh, I didn't even notice! Now it hurts! She winced and pouted all the way as they walked back to the hotel. The rented cycle needed repairs. The nurse attended to her wounds as he ordered his breakfast to be served. He: Please help yourself. I wouldn't mind some company! She: Sure. They both sat down to eat. She noticed the way the staff fussed over him and thought he must be important. She: Are you a regular? The staff seems to know you well. He: You could say that. She: I believe the owner is here right now. I heard he is quite a terror! He(amused): Really? How? She: Well, he's supposedly a famous singer and quite eccentric, like most artists tend to be. He: Do you know him well or is this just hearsay? You shouldn't believe in rumours you know. She: You're right! He could be someone helpful and polite like you! I haven't seen him, only read about him in papers! If you don't mind I would head back to my room now. Thank you so much for everything! Next time it's my treat! Dinner tonight? I believe this hotel has an excellent barbecue and bonfire at night! See you at 7 right here! Bye. And just like that, she vanished! He got up and set out for his walk again. He was all hot and bothered over a whirlwind that just hit him out of nowhere! He needed to cool down! For the first time in his life he was feeling the emotions which he only sang about.... It's too early to call it 'love'.... Attraction, maybe or a crush! Isn't that a teenage thing! He was certainly not a teen but his body was behaving like one!!! The candy floss whirlwind had blown his mind away! He was back after an hour long walk. He went straight to his room, bathed and changed. He went downstairs towards the buffet lunch set up which took the staff by surprise. He always has his meals in his room but today he is at the buffet table! He walked around, making the staff all jumpy and awkward, looking at the menu and finally sat down at the farthest table. His eyes were looking for the pink haired girl. They were to meet for dinner but he just couldn't wait till then. Suddenly the sound of laughter broke his chain of thoughts. The candy floss whirlwind was approaching the buffet table with a man who had his arm around her. They were obviously very close to each other. The man looked old enough to be her father! What is she thinking! What is HE thinking for God's sake!!! Wait! Is he feeling jealous? Why should he be jealous? Why should it matter to him if some random man has his arm around her? Well, it shouldn't..... But, it does! He is jealous of that man and he had to find out who was he to her! He walked towards the buffet and started filling his plate, pretending he hadn't seen her. She: Oh, hi again! He: Hello. She: My older brother Sam. Bro, he is the one who helped me in the morning! Sam: Hi buddy! Thanks for everything! You are staying here too I believe. He: Well, yes. I am a regular here. Sam: I have a construction business in the city. I'm here to meet the owner. I have an appointment tomorrow. I have a business proposal for him. What about you? He: Oh, I'm a musician. Sam: My sister Riya. University is closed for 2 weeks, so she came with me? He: That's good! What are you studying Riya? She: I'm teaching .Fine Arts. He: Sorry! You look like a student actually! She: It's okay! I get that a lot! Sam: Come, let's eat! After lunch, his heart was at ease knowing Sam was her brother, not boyfriend! Still, he hoped Sam doesn't show up for the Barbeque. He doesn't sleep in the afternoons, but today he fell asleep. The cool weather and the walk probably! He woke up when the intercom buzzed and the receptionist said he had a visitor. He wondered who it could be because he hardly knew anyone here. It could be Riya! He shot out of bed and got ready to go down. He saw a familiar face but couldn't remember who she is. A well known actress, maybe... Or a model! He: Good evening. Sorry to keep you waiting. Guest: I'm sorry I came unannounced. Actually I'm shooting here for this week and thought I'd drop in since I had an evening free! Can we have dinner together? He: Well, I have an important appointment at 7. Business is business after all. Tomorrow maybe. I fly back day after. Guest: Oh, that's a pity! I will check my schedule and let you know about dinner tomorrow. I don't think you recognised me! I'm Catherine. He: Sorry...I'm bad at remembering names... Catherine left. She is one of the better actresses around, it seems. But his mind was only full of Riya! He had about an hour left, so he asked the staff to prepare an exclusive bonfire and Barbeque for his special guest, hoping Sam doesn't come! He went back to his room and changed into something more formal and warm. Weather here is unpredictable! He came down to the lobby and waited. His prayers were answered as he saw a pink head at a distance ,but no Sam! His heart was beating faster as Riya came closer and he escorted her to the special Barbeque. Sam was busy with video meetings it seems and won't be joining them. He smiled. "Oh, you have a beautiful smile! And those dimples are definitely illegal, Mister!" Riya exclaimed and he blushed! This girl, honestly! He:Thank you. What would you like to drink? The Barbeque is ready too! She: Scotch. On the rocks please. The waiter took their orders and left. She: It's really beautiful here! Please sing something. I believe you sing! He: Sure. His soulful voice echoed in the night and a lot of crowd gathered to hear him sing. The staff had a hard time controlling the autograph seekers! The audience applauded him and went back to their tables. She: Amazing! Your voice touched my soul! I'm into rock, but I think I have to listen more of you! He: I'm honoured. Thank you. Riya is the most interesting person he has ever met. She doesn't know who he exactly is, so she is totally genuine and frank with him. She is nothing like the models and actresses he usually meets. She is so real and unpredictable, full of energy and surprises! He was totally bowled over! He was definitely in love.... As he saw her off to her room,he asked if she wanted to go for a walk the next morning. She had agreed and he couldn't wait for tomorrow! At 7am they met at the lobby as planned and walked out of the gate. Conversation was lively with Riya and he enjoyed her excitement about small things like wildflowers, pine cones, wood roses. By the time they got back, her pockets and her hands were full of souvenirs! His heart felt like it would burst of he kept his feelings to himself anymore! He had to tell her.... But how? He had to meet Sam today. There were some more appointments lined up for the day which he cancelled and planned a surprise for Riya instead. Catherine's secretary had been informed that he is too busy today. The intercom buzzed and he learnt that Sam was waiting outside the office. When the secretary ushered Sam in, his shock was visible. He: Hi Sam! Sorry for the surprise! Sit down please. Sam got over his initial shock and they finished their business talk on a positive note. He: Sam, I won't beat around the bush. I want to marry Riya. I haven't asked her yet. Do I have your permission? Sam: I know she likes you but marriage is a different matter altogether! I have no issues if she agrees. He: I'm planning to ask her today. I am sure that she is the one I want to spend my life with. Sam: But.... She isn't well..She is sick. She is dying. She doesn't have much time. Are you still sure about marriage? He: What? What are you saying? What's wrong with her? Sam: A rare medical condition that has no cure. We don't know how long or short her life is! She can have a normal married life but can't have children because her illness will pass on to the baby. There's no treatment, no cure... She can leave us any moment...Are you strong enough for this? I don't want Riya or you to suffer.... He:Sam, I'm serious. I will cut down on my tours and never leave her alone. Sam: No, Riya won't like that. You continue with your work and let her continue with hers. Keep spending time together regularly, that's all. Sam started crying as he said," I never thought I'd see her as a bride..." He hugged Sam and reassured him that he would never let Riya's smile fade. He invited Sam and Riya for lunch to his suite. Riya was still unaware of his true identity. A special menu, the tastefully decorated dining hall and a big surprise awaited Riya. There was a knock at the door. When he opened the door, Riya's eyes almost popped out! He smiled and welcomed Sam and Riya. He: I'm sorry I didn't tell you about myself. Riya:You're so sneaky! Now I know why the staff is so fussy around you! He: Scotch for you? Or something else? Riya:Scotch please. Sam: Make it two! He: Same here. As the waiter got their drinks ready, Riya kept glaring at him. He suddenly went down on his knees and took out a small red velvet box from his pocket. He: Riya, I am sorry I didn't tell you who I was. I'm sorry I don't have the patience to wait anymore! But I'm not at all sorry for falling in love with you! My candy floss whirlwind, will you please give me the honour of being your husband ? I promise to love you and keep you happy always. Riya was shocked beyond words. Riya: Do you know I am sick? I don't have much time.... I like you, but...I don't want to be a burden.... You have your business, your music... I don't want you to leave everything and just take care of me. I don't want your sympathy... He: Riya, I really love you. It's not sympathy. I'm not going to ignore my business or my fans. I won't ignore you either! I can wait if you want me to.... I will fulfill all your dreams and wishes... I will take care of you....Please... Think about it.... We will work it out. Please give 'us' a chance. Sam: Riya, I would love to see you as a bride, but it's your decision to make.... Riya got down on her knees and held out her hand. She chose love and life over her doubts. He put the ring on her finger and kissed her hand. Sam hugged them both and cried like a baby.

They had a small wedding in the hotel premises which was attended by the entire staff. He didn't want the whole town there! There was a grand party in the evening. Riya was glowing as he held her in his arms and they danced away, her pink hair blowing all over her face. He:I love you, candy floss whirlwind! Thank you for being mine💜 Riya: I love you too, my cute bunny! I'm glad you are mine! Riya thinks he looks like a cute bunny rabbit when he smiles. He doesn't mind anything she thinks, says or does! He just records every single moment with her because that's precious.....Very precious.

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Jul 05, 2020

How romantic... Totally like a romantic movie going on.. But just with your penned words... 😊 😊 Awesome 😍 😍

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