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9. Abyss

Disclaimer : I'm a huge KPop fan and you will come across names and photographs of KPop idols in most of my stories (The photographs and pics are downloaded from the internet and I do not have ANY intellectual property right over them). They are my muse and inspiration in so many ways. The incidents and characters are fictional and have no resemblance to any K pop idol in any manner.

(Commander Jake's POV)

I woke up in a dark dingey hole, muscles cramping as I tried to stretch out my mutilated and exhausted body. A ray of light shone from above and I could see the blue sky. The sky???? Does that mean I'm alive? I could hear birds chirping as I took in my surroundings. I probably fell into a hole meant to trap animals, which would explain the branches of trees with green leaves all around me. The past few days flashed by my eyes.

The King's entourage had been ambushed by the enemy enroute. The sudden attack took us off guard despite our best preparations! Trying to save the King, I was wounded by an arrow to my left shoulder. I pleaded with the King to return to the Palace safely. Unwilling but forced to leave me alone, the King held my hand and promised to look after Jennifer.

Dizzy with pain as the poison entered my body, I must’ve fainted.

Next thing I knew, I was imprisoned by enemy soldiers. However, they called their doctor to ensure I was kept alive. Being the King's bodyguard meant I was important enough to be kept alive! The doctor's treatment worked like a charm and I started planning my escape. Jen must be waiting for me! I had to escape somehow.

An opportunity arose when the young soldier who gave me food, was close enough to the prison bars. My arm held him in a vice like headlock as his body writhed due to lack of air. He suddenly collapsed on the floor and I managed to pry the keys out of his pocket. He had a sword and a knife, which I took for myself. I escaped that night till I fell into this trap!

The animal trap I had fallen into was neither too deep nor slippery. It took some time and patience but I pulled myself out of it and tried to find my bearings. The sun was setting and my mind was alert. The forest was at the border, but I was clear of enemy territory. I was tired and hungry, but my senses were heightened as darkness fell. Finally, the stars lit up the sky and I walked towards my warm cottage. It would take me about an hour or two to reach Jen, the only thought that kept me going all this time.

(Jennifer's POV)

It's been days since there was any news about Jake. He just vanished! My neighbor said he was missing in action, but I don't believe her! He never goes anywhere without telling me.

I sat near the warm hearth as I stirred the soup. Maybe eating food would make me feel better. I really miss Jake and I'm losing hope.... What if he's dead....? But my heart says he isn't. Tears ran down my cheeks as I the cold beads on my wrist- the pretty bracelet my brother must’ve got for me. Angry, frustrated and tearful, I pulled hard at the bracelet threw it on the floor as I screamed, "You left me alone in the darkness; now stay in your colorless world forever! I hate you!"


3 things happened at the same time, precisely the exact moment- Jennifer's bracelet broke as she uttered those words and Jake opened the door to see that outburst in shock.

While Jen's childish tantrum was thrown in ignorance of the curse of the powerful charm, Jake was accepting his fate with tearful eyes as his surroundings turned black and white in a blink!

Wiping away his tears, happy and grateful to be back home, Jake called out to his sister. Jennifer stumbled towards her brother's voice as he engulfed her in a hug, thankful that she can't see his sorry state. The siblings had an emotional reunion and lived the rest of their lives together, Jake knowing how torturous his monochromatic endless life would be and Jennifer, without a single clue about the curse that she unknowingly unleashed on her brother.

Jake lived on, serving the royalty for centuries, while they looked after him as 'parents' when he lost his sister.

He finally met the girl who would end this never-ending cursed life of Immortality...

Jenny, the girl who made him see colours again....

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